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Yes, we can

Are you searching for a team building event or seminar which can also bring together the international parts of your organisation? Then look no further! Since launching in 2015, over 2000 True Sailors have been brought aboard, including various international teams from the pharmaceutical and tech industries.

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Many of the True Sailor team are english fluent and will do their best in assisting to organise your team event. The founder of True Sailor, Thomas Boinot, has lived and worked in the UK, USA and Germany. His previous positions at Lehigh University (Pennsylvania), Valeo and Air France were primarily english speaking.

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In organising your event, we currently offer two program streams:

  1. Work with you to develop a fully tailored seminar or training package, from idea conception through to realisation.
  2. Offer to you our “escape” seminar packages, which are a great way to thank your team or launch a new project or corporate initiative.
seminaire bateau

Our escape seminars welcome up to 300 persons. Over a couple of days by the seaside, away from everyday life, your team will take part in various activities which will:

  • challenge, encourage and develop individual and team working skills; and
  • show appreciation and thanks to your valued team members.

Activities are undertaken in meeting rooms, on sailing boats (monohull and catamaran), in vineyards, and various indoor and outdoor locations - all of which may push some outside their comfort zones, whilst also maximising the involvement of each team member.

Our base escape seminars, identified as Team Starter, Team Booster, Team Bonding, and Team Building, are further refined and tailored to your requirements after the initial project inception.

Every project starts the same way : we listen. We aim to carefully understand your needs, expectations, and the essential outcomes which are relevant to your business.

We are ready to WELCOME you ABOARD !

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